Monday, July 20, 2009

Obligatory Welcome

I've tried blogging in the past. I've had a personal blog (that got way too personal and emotionally heavy and lost its purpose), a wedding-prep blog, a waiting-for-baby blog, and a food blog. I find my attention and dedication to the single-purpose blogs wanes and then I start to feel bad about neglecting it and then this pressure builds so I avoid it, and, well... I haven't updated my personal blog in over 8m and my food blog in 4.

Yet, I'm pulled back to having a journal with feedback. It satisfies my need to get everything out of my brain and "cataloged", while also engaging in, hopefully, meaningful discourse with others.

Those of you who know me and are familiar with "my story", know that we've got a food "situation" in our house. Call it allergies, call it sensitivities, call it food digestion issues. In fact, call it all three. I am constantly researching and trying various ways to maximize our health through our food. I've learned a lot on the way, and I have been really needing a place to put it all, in a (semi-)organized fashion.

As I envision it at the outset, this blog will be bits and pieces of our life, pulled from all arenas as it seems relevant, appropriate and interesting. When I say we are mindfully meandering, I mean that we are trying to live in the moment and be aware of ourselves and our impact on others, but we are also trying to live more simply and more relaxed. We trust that we'll get from point A to point B our in our own time, probably having stopped to collect 4 rocks, a feather, 2 pinecones, a "walking stick" and a leaf along the way.

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