Monday, July 19, 2010

Feeling crafty

I'm starting to amass a pile of crafty projects...

In my queue are:

* finishing up a present for my mom. Her birthday was the 14th of July. I've ripped this item out twice and am casting on yet again. I being extra perfectionist about it. My mom deserves the best, what can I say?

* knitting a matching baby hat to the socks I've already knit.

* crayon roll for each girl

* cloth baby shoes, for various and sundry individuals, including myself.

* finishing the recycled jeans bathroom rug project (so tedious to prepare the strips for knitting...)

* a play cloak for each of my girls - I have all the fabric & notions & pattern already.

* tracing my favorite, yet horribly stained skirt so I can make a few more to last out the summer.

* cloth (cotton, hemp, wool) nursing pads.

* new hand knit diaper covers for littles

* finishing up the diapers I started making when lily was a baby. they are size large, so I've still got some time, but I would just like to be done with the whole thing.

* mini dream pillows with non-allergy-inducing herbs for each girl.

I think that's all. That's all I can remember at any rate. It's enough to last me a little while, at least. :)


  1. I've got baby hats but need to learn socks to match. :)

  2. I have a pattern if you want it. ;)


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