Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Enjoying it while it lasts...

How I know Fall is here:

  • Gorgeous color starting to emerge. Leaves falling everywhere.

  • Kids are already digging through the Halloween costume box and putting up decorations.

  • They beg daily to get our pumpkins and carve them right away.

  • It's chilly in the morning when we wake up, but the sun is still warming our afternoons.

  • We're finishing up our first cold of the season.

  • I am making soup several times a week.

  • Aevryn is so thrilled will her "new" fall wardrobe that she changes her clothes a minimum of three times a day.

  • I'm getting the urge to hole up inside and make lovely, fuzzy crafts. This may also be related to being pregnant.

  • Baking. So much creative, inventive baking is going on right now.

  • We're going to an apple cider pressing party this weekend!

  • I've already started planning out my holiday giving-making "schedule".
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