Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg-stravaganza

(sorry about the pun; it simply couldn't be avoided.)

After apparently not learning our lesson about last year's egg hunt at the GT resort, we tried again this year. In our (my) defense, it was at the farmer's market and was segregated by age, so I had illusions of better organization and less crazy parents. And I was wrong, of course. But I still think it was worth checking out. Despite yucky weather, we still had fun. Next year, though, I think we will just do a hunt in our own yard.

We came home and dyed some easter eggs with whatever organic materials I could find in my kitchen that I thought would impart some color.

Here are our eggs soaking:

And here they are in the crate, after 6hrs in the dye:

From top left, the dyes are: red onion skins; yellow onion skins; lemon peels; saffron; lemon peels + yellow onion skins.
From bottom left: chlorophyll (nutritional supplement); cranberry cove tea; purple cabbage leaves; chlorophyll + yellow onion skins; purple cabbage leaves + baking soda.

First I gathered by materials and boiled them in about two cups of water, until the liquid started to turn color. In the actual cups, we only put 1C of dyed water plus 1tbsp of vinegar. I'm fairly impressed, considering how last-minute and random the entire project was. Plus the resulting deviled eggs were delicious.

Happy Easter! May spring bring us growth and new opportunities!

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