Friday, January 7, 2011

Peanut Butter-coconut No-Bakes

EDIT TO FIX TYPO: It should read 1C peanut butter, not 1/2C. Sorry for the confusion!

One of the treats I included in my yearly "yummy basket of goodies" gift I give to family.

Peanut Butter-Coconut No-Bake Cookies

1C sugar/maple syrup/honey
4tbsp cocoa powder
1/2 C shortening/coconut oil/butter
1/2 C coconut milk/other milk sub/milk
1 C Peanut butter/other seed or nut butter
1 tbsp vanilla extract
3 C shredded, unsweetened & no-sulfite coconut shreds (can get them in bulk at Oryana)

* In a large saucepan, bring sugar, cocoa, milk & shortening to a boil. Boil for ~1-2 min.

* Stir in peanut/nut butter and vanilla, until melted and well mixed.

* Add coconut flakes, stir to mix well.

*Scoop by tablespoons onto wax paper to cool.

If they seem too sweet, decrease the sweetener, and increase peanut/nut butter.

These were our (Dave & mine) favorite treats I made this year, too, necessitating an entire second batch. :)


  1. I think I need to make these this afternoon!

  2. luckily Nate allowed to try one or he'd be making them all I will be grabbing ingredients and making them :)

  3. After posting this, I almost had to get coconut flakes myself today. (Even though we're doing the sugar-free/fruit-free detox thing right now.) My will power won out, barely. Enjoy them double for us! :)


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