Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chore Day!

We canceled our plans today, when I was still wrapped in a towel five minutes after we were supposed to leave. The kids are eating up the sunshine and acting out elaborate scenarios all over the house.

Finally, I have time to cross some chores off my huge list. I'm going to focus on laundry & the bathroom, to keep expectations realistic. That's all I can cram in before lunch anyway.

Incidentally, lunch: scallops sauteed in olive oil with green onions & lemon juice, avocado, lettuce & peeled cucumber slices.

After lunch, we're going to work on labeling things around the house with words in both english and swedish. We'll probably make a poster with numbers, colors, days & months, too. Scheming...

1 comment:

  1. Lunch sounds awesome! I'd eat that and I don't even have allergies.
    Your labelling sounds like the first noun lesson I give my kids at school in the fall; way to go!


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