Friday, March 5, 2010

Doctor Drama.

Our naturopathic doctor just accused me of "attempting to play doctor and not allowing the real doctor to do his job." He's basically pissed that I pulled all the supplements but CLO and am waiting for Lily to clear again (she totally was before the supplements) and going to intro them one at a time. I also had asked him about mastic gum for treating H. pylori. He said that he hadn't had good success with it. We wanted to try it anyway. In this regard, I am playing doctor.

He also maintains that the fiber supplement with oat seed contains "absolutely no gluten" despite the fact that it states nowhere on the bottle that it's gluten free. I just re-re-re-read the bottle and just now noticed that it says it's processed on equipment that get contact with soy. (I initially questioned the need for a fiber supplement since she goes fine once a day, fine both in form & amount. He said it would help with the gut disbyosis...) Am I being crazy? Would you give your child this product?

Dave was really upset.

The bottom line is as I wrote at the end of my email to the ND:

"I do appreciate the work you've put into our case thus far. I feel
like after years of observation, trial & error, and lots and lots of
reading, we'd arrived at the same conclusions that you had come to
with your blood & stool testing. I am thankful to have that
confirmation. Your suggestions for treatment - B12/folate, betaine,
glutamine, enzymes, s. boulardii - were all on my radar and were a
part of my repertoire of supplements. I needed that confirmation that
what I was doing was on the right track and that I wasn't just
throwing money out the window. I am also very thankful that we
discovered the H. pylori when she is so young."

I think at this point, however, we need to seek additional opinions
and treatment options."

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  1. Good for you Nessa ... stick to your guns. I just wish I hadn't let a doctor ever bully me into taking something (lipitor) that should never have entered my body. And, no, I would NOT give my child, who was regular, fiber. For that matter, I am glad that we don't give our IRREGULAR child fiber. We'll stick with a infant probiotic to assist his gut, before we give him something that basically rips it to promote regularity.


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