Thursday, March 18, 2010

Love Thy Crockpot

Between trying to soak up as much outside time as possible and then being sick, I've been relying quite heavily on my crockpot lately. Here is a BBQ-style sweet & sour beef & cabbage "stew" I made recently. I had planned on leftovers for the next day, but my hungry family had other plans.

2lb beef or buffalo roast
small head of cabbage
large onion
oil for searing
2/3 c vinegar (we use apple cider vinegar)
1/3 c honey, maple syrup or sugar
1/2 c bone broth (chicken or beef), water is okay too
1 tsp dry mustard powder
1/2 tsp onion powder
sea salt & pepper

* Heat small amount of oil. Slice onion. Brown in heated oil w/a little bit of salt.
* Chop cabbage into thick "ribbons". Place in crock pot.
* Put browned onions over cabbage.
* Heat a little more oil (in same pan as onions). Sear roast until brown on all four sides.
* Put seared roast on top of cabbage & onions.
* Mix vinegar, syrup/sugar/honey, broth/water, spices. Pour over meat.
* Cook on high 5ish hours or low 7ish hours.

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