Wednesday, June 23, 2010


As most of you know, we're having an unexpected addition to our family, set to arrive sometime in early March. I had suspected for about a week, and finally tested yesterday (twice) and today. What can I say? I bought a three-pack.

We're surprised, but happy, of course. The girls are thrilled. Lily's reaction to, me, in particular has been transformative. She is very concerned for me, in a good way. She's getting me cups of water, asking if I need a nap, and generally being gentle and sweet. It has sort of snapped her out of her extreme funk of self-preservation-motivated self-centeredness. I am so thankful, for all of our sakes. Aevryn is adorably excited. She has so many plans for "her" new baby. However, my already dwindling milk supply + changing hormones is very frustrating for her. Good thing we were already working on not nursing at night before we found out.

We are also driving up to Boyne City tomorrow morning to get some guinea pigs. Lily has really been wanting a pet lately. Specifically, she really wants a dog. She asked me, "Mom, what can I do about this 'wanting-to-get-a-dog' feeling?" My compromise was to look on craigslist for guinea pigs or hamsters. Lo and behold, there were two guinea pigs, with cage & accessories, for free. The only caveat is we have to drive an hour north to get them. The children have already named their guinea pigs Rosabel & Daisy. Well, actually Aevryn wanted Toe-toe, but Lily talked her into Daisy.

Yes, this is a bit of added insanity into our barely-controlled chaos. At least it's free insanity. We may be crazy but we're not stupid.


  1. Nessa,
    You know there is no such hing as a free pet, right? We've had guinea pigs; I love them and would have them again if not for the small collection of barnyard animals I've accumulated (we're thinking maybe bunnies next).
    Congrats again on the new baby!

  2. My $111 debit transaction at the pet store today reminded me that pets aren't free! lol

    They are super sweet guys, one just has a raging genital infection (totally gross, but it's the truth) and a sore on his back. We're going to see the vet VERY soon here. I think the people gave them away because they just didn't have interest or time to take care of them anymore. They are obviously quite tame, but pretty neglected.

  3. Congratulations lovely Nessa! What a lucky little babe!

    Good luck with the little guys (the guinea pigs)... it's crazy how much effort the little animals take... we are rooting for you! The girls want a rabbit next spring, thankfully there is time between now and then for them to change their minds ;)


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