Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just one of those days...

Today was just one of those early rising, cherry pie contemplating, popsicle stick & pom pom crafting, babywearing, supporting other moms, grocery shopping, filling with joy seeing kid-sized carts, deflating with frustration realizing major items were left out of the big cart, making laundry soap, falling off of swings, weed pulling, seed soaking, amateur chiropracting, deep stretching, sobbing over cutlery, making a second pot of coffee at dinner, soaking in an epsom salt bath, making homemade candy after kids got to bed sort of days.

Lily and her hypoglycemia make the five minutes preceding any meal a veritable adventure.

Chocolate -covered Roasted Sunflower Seeds "candy"

2 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp maple syrup
4 tbsp roasted sunflower seeds
drop of vanilla
dash of sea salt

Mix & eat with spoon like "fudge". Or drop by small spoonfuls onto a plate & pop into freezer for a few minutes to harden.

I soaked my seeds in sea salt & water, then rinsed & drained them. I didn't soak them long enough and then roasted them way too fast, but I was impatient. You really should soak them for 7+ hours and then dehydrate them at 150*F for 12-24hrs. I blasted mine at 300*F for 40 minutes. Oops. Next time.

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