Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Keeping busy

We are in full swing of summer and are generally keeping quite busy in ways that keep me far from the computer.

In the past two weeks, I've made a hat and I've started on a scarf. When I'm not threatening to randomly fall asleep at any moment, I'm craving salty fish and spicy, spicy salsa. And in my spare time, I've been sorting out the house to get ready for a garage sale this weekend.

Dave has sent out dozens of resumes all across the world. We're opening up the job search to the US & Canada shortly. He's been working on tiling the downstairs bathroom and then finished painting the girls room today.

Aevryn continues her monologue about when the baby comes (after Daddy's birthday) she will put on gloves and catch her. And she will hold his hand, but if he doesn't like it she will give it back to him. Also its name is Tata or Pocket. She is starting to act out a bit. Not sure if it's in relation to my hormones, or the declining milk supply, or what, but it's very trying on everyone, especially her. Maybe it's just because she's three. Or a bit of everything.

Lily is struggling through something. She has had a fine white, dot-like rash since we started the enzymes. It's not itchy and it's not irritated, so I think it's just kicking up something. Such a scientific explanation, I know. We're trying to figure out if CLO is helping or hurting. We've had some pretty miserable days of later, but I thought maybe it was the carrots or avocado? I hate second-guessing myself. She spiked a mild fever this afternoon and now her eczema is flared, so I really wonder what's going on. We're just supporting her and trying to move forward.

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