Friday, May 28, 2010

fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun

Summer is here!

The girls found some new pets today. Tent worms and rollie pollies. They made habitats and fed them leaves and droplets of water. The also named them. Lily named her tentworm Olfa. Her rollie pollies are Dave, Ham, Pork, Beef & Chicken. In honor of the naming of backyard pets, I named the baby birds living in the nest under our deck Wynken, Blynken and Nod.

I set up the sewing machine on the porch again, and made curtains for our bedroom. The upstairs is almost completely done. The downstairs... Well, let's just say: "Out of sight; out of mind." We will get there, eventually.

Finally, we spent the afternoon at the beach with friends. That makes three times this week, plus plans for a beach party BBQ for Aevryn at her grandparents' house tomorrow.

These are the days that feel the best.

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