Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a zucchini deferred

Today, on the day I was planning a zucchini trial (the first new food on our 10 day and counting elimination diet experiment), Lily broke out in actual hives at the play area in the mall. Okay, universe, I give up! Not really, but it sure does feel like it. It doesn't help that I gave her probiotics three days ago and again the next day, before I realized they had maltodextrin -- from corn. I had called the company when we used them before to double check. So, I learned a valuable and costly lesson about always re-read ingredients and also, I should keep a personal allergy wiki page so I can see why I stopped which supplement.

Also, now that I've given myself time to reconsider, I think we will start with cabbage instead of zucchini and move from there. Our Mo came today, so I have a feeling that Mo supplementation coupled with our extremely LOD will increase our sulfur tolerance. The new, current plan is that we will stay lowish sals + low amines + low glutamates + LOD and start intro-ing sulfur-y foods allowed in that venn diagram overlap first. This suggests cabbage, green onions, brussels sprouts & leeks. And maaaaaaaaybe eventually eggs. Whee. Are we not having fun?!


  1. Brussels sprouts!!!! :) Yum. Seriously.

    Sorry to hear about the hives :(

  2. Oh yeah! We LOVE brussels sprouts here. :)

  3. Green onions and leeks -- both are very yang -- I would avoid those, they would definitely cause skin reactions.

  4. It would seem our daughter is allergic/reactive to the entire Lily family (onions, garlic, leeks, spring onions, asparagus, tapioca, aloe)...


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