Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I feel a huge relief having put the Swedish grad school situation behind us. I don't think either of us was eager to return to school at the moment.

Last night, I had a dream, a dream that I just couldn't get out of. In it, I showed up to a meeting at the wrong time, underprepared. While at the meeting, our space was overtaken by another group. Then, when I pushed through the throngs of people and got outside, I was stopped short by impenetrable fog. Also, I'd realized I couldn't find Aevryn. I normally don't have such clear dreams, but I will say: message received.

I do feel completely unsettled right now. Between the complete uncertainty of the Food Situation™ and the lack of a Plan™ - beyond selling our house - I admit to feeling anxious. I'm starting to have nomadic fantasies. Sometimes, I really want to buy an RV and drive around the US for a year. Other times, I'm 100% on board with trying to arrange a year of WWOOFing in Europe. I have visions of just packing the car and driving, figuring it out on the way.

I figure, we must have *some* mobile skills we can exploit into a semi-steady paycheck. Obviously, Dave can do "computer stuff", but that's sort of vague. I could do something with etsy, I'm sure, but would it be enough to feed us?



  1. You should come WWOOF in Alaska. We'll feed you anytime you want to come stay and help out.

  2. thinking about it. looked at the postings.


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